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Hi-Speed Thinking is making a splash in KC

November 14, 2012

By Jeff Pinkerton

Yesterday marked the much-anticipated arrival of Google fiber in some Kansas City neighborhoods. Some experts have argued that Google’s selection of Kansas City as its initial fiber location will be huge for the region, while others have declared that its impact will be minimal.

I’m no IT expert, but I have to agree with the former on this one. If you do a Google search for “Google Fiber Kansas City” you will get about 2,400,000 results. That’s an impressive number. (Incidentally, it took about .19 seconds to get those results because I am not yet on Google fiber!)

To narrow it down, I searched the same phrase but limited it to new information (within the last 24 hours) and still got 35 pages of results. The links found by the search engine range from posts on small technology blogs to articles by well-known organizations like the Wall Street Journal, CNN and the BBC.

Kansas City is the talk if the technology world right now. This is positive recognition that you cannot put a price tag on.

What makes this more exciting is the work already underway to leverage this recognition and boost Kansas City into IT hub status.

A few quick examples:

  • Launch KC: Kansas City, Mo., has a plan to attract and grow IT companies downtown.
  • KCnext:  The Technology Council of Greater Kansas City is working to attract new hi-tech companies to the region and support the local base of IT firms.
  • The Greater Kansas City Chamber’s Big 5: One of the Big 5 initiatives is focuses on making Kansas City America’s most entrepreneurial city.
  • KCDigitalDrive: The Mid-America Regional Council is working with KCMO, KCK and other partners to drive the implementation of ideas for high-speed fiber that were developed in the Mayors’ Bistate Innovations Team Playbook

Google fiber helped Kansas City make a big splash yesterday. Now it is up to us to make turn this splash into a wave that will carry the Kansas City economy into the future.

Do you know of other local initiatives that we should add to our list of examples? Please let us know in the comments.

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