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Leisure and Business Services Lead KC’s Employment Growth

September 3, 2013

EmpByIndSept.2013 (July data)

by Jeff Pinkerton

Kansas City’s employment change by industry is starting to take on a familiar pattern.  The region added 14,000 net new jobs between July 2012 and July 2013. Once again this month, the leading industries for local growth were far and away the Leisure/Hospitality and Professional Business Services industries, with nearly 15,000 new jobs combined. The biggest losses were again seen in Government, which lost 3,600 jobs over the year.

Though the numbers aren’t as dramatic, there are some interesting developments in a few other industries. Construction employment turned in a decent year, adding 1,400 jobs. We have anticipated this growth for a while with increased construction activity in the region (both residential and non-residential) and we expect to see even more growth in this category in the future.

The other industry that stands out is Retail, but it stands out the wrong way. The region lost 2,800 retail jobs (a 2.7 percent decline) while Retail grew 2.4 percent nationally. Retail employment is volatile and these numbers can change month to month so this figure bears further analysis.

Here is this month’s Infographic with details for each industry.

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