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Kansas City Catching Up in Employment Race

September 5, 2013

by Jeff Pinkerton

If it seems to you that Kansas City’s employment picture has been getting a little brighter this year, you are right. We have spoken at length about Kansas City’s lackluster employment performance during the recovery from the Great Recession. For three years (2010-2012) Kansas City’s employment growth lagged U.S. growth (and those U.S. growth rates were nothing to write home about, either).

It would appear that 2013 will go down as the year things turned around for the region on the employment scene. Between January and July, we have added 11,200 jobs (seasonally adjusted), a growth rate of 1.1 percent. This rate is greater than the national rate (0.9 percent).


In our last post, we mentioned that employment growth has been particularly strong in the Leisure-Hospitality and Business Services sectors. Now we are starting to see growth in the Construction sector as well.

It has been a long time coming, but it would appear that Kansas City’s economy might finally be on the right track and ready to power ahead.

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