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Party like it’s…2008

January 9, 2014

by Jeff Pinkerton

A couple of good employment notes to mention today.

After struggling to gain traction since the recession, Kansas City’s employment situation made some solid progress in 2013. The metro’s employment level reached 1,011,200 in November. This is highest point since late 2008. We still aren’t at pre-recession levels, but if 2014 looks anything like 2013, we will get there by year’s end.

 Jan 2013 Employment

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

On a related note, the metro’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate dropped below 6 percent (5.9 percent) for the first time since August 2008. (It should be noted that the other sources frequently cite the unemployment rate that is not seasonally adjusted, which currently sits at 5.3 percent for the region.)

Jan 2014 Unemployment Rate


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Regardless of how you measure it, Kansas City’s employment picture is (finally) becoming brighter and that’s cause for a celebration.

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